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Living in Winder, GA and throughout Gwinnett County, you know how important it is to have a functioning air conditioning system during the summer. It's vital to have an air conditioner that can keep you and your family cool when temperatures are high and humidity levels are high.

A company's employees perform better and are more satisfied when they are cool and comfortable. Whether you need AC service for your home or business, Patterson Heating & Air is the right company for the job.

Patterson Heating & Air Inc provides prompt and dependable air conditioning repair in Winder for all makes and models. Our top-of-the-line technicians will provide honest diagnostic service and repair your system with the best tools and techniques. No matter the issue, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

Why Should You Choose Patterson Heating & Air Inc for Air Conditioning Repair in Winder?

  • 35+ years of experience
  • Top quality products
  • Certified technicians
  • Licensed and bonded
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Veteran owned company
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Patterson is a local, small business, whose mission is the same today as it was when we opened our doors over 35 years ago: To provide our community with HVAC services that are second to none, equipment as strong as our name, and also the best technicians in the business.

Call (770) 343-5256 or contact us online to schedule fast & affordable AC repair in Winder or its surrounding areas!

Why Is My AC Experiencing Problems?

Your HVAC system is designed to run efficiently throughout the season if you have it maintained on a routine basis. Routine service can also extend your system’s life and reduce the chance of needing costly repairs. At some point, however, you may experience a problem with your system that requires professional repairs.

Some of the most common causes of AC issues include:

  • High humidity – Georgia summers are predictably hot and humid. Humid environments cause condensation. When condensation builds up, it can obstruct the lines or cause drains to overflow. Humid conditions can also cause corrosion of wires and terminals. This can generate electrical issues within your air conditioning system. Corrosion may also lead to cracks that allow refrigerant to leak. When refrigerant gets too low, your system won’t be able to keep your house cool. On a really hot day your system may even freeze-up.
  • Pollen and dust – Two things that can weaken your system are pollen and dust. They can accumulate on your AC unit’s main components if not removed on a regular basis. This accumulation keeps your condenser, motor, and fan from cooling your home as easily. When your air conditioning system has to work harder to cool your home, you’ll see your power bill increase.
  • Extreme temperatures – Summertime heat means lengthy run cycles with few breaks in between cycles. The most intense workload is put on your air conditioning system when temperatures get really hot. Your AC equipment is most likely to get overpowered on a hot summer day when you need it the most, leaving you beaten by the heat.
  • Neglecting annual maintenance – Like all other mechanical equipment, AC units require routine maintenance for optimal performance. You should have a licensed technician perform several tasks each year, including inspecting, cleaning, adjusting, lubricating, and testing your AC. The technician can also identify any potential problems that should be addressed before they turn into costly repairs. Routine AC maintenance can also extend your system’s life.

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Winder, GA

In case your air conditioner has been acting up lately, see if it is exhibiting these symptoms:

  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Weakened airflow
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Unusual or excessive noise

Recognize any of these? If so, we can fix it with no hassle. At the appointed time, we will arrive at your door and start working right away. We follow all local codes, so you don't have to worry about further problems recurring. Soon, you'll be able to enjoy cool air again.

Why Is My AC Running But Not Cooling?

One common cause of this issue is insufficient refrigerant in your air conditioner. Refrigerant is the liquid that flows through the coils of your AC and evaporates to generate the cooling effect. If your AC unit lacks enough refrigerant, it won't be able to cool effectively. To address this, contact a professional HVAC technician who can evaluate the refrigerant level in your system and replenish it if needed. Other potential causes might be a blocked air filter, an electrical problem, or a defective compressor. A technician can identify and fix any of these issues.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Air Conditioning Repairs?

Choosing Patterson means you're getting quality solutions. Our goal is to ensure that your air conditioning system is restored to its original efficiency as soon as possible.

We offer the following benefits for repairing your cooling system:

  • Identify minor problems before they lead to more trouble
  • Extends the life of your cooling system
  • Helps keep your energy costs low

Prevent Costly Repairs with Regular AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently. Neglecting maintenance can lead to costly repairs and decreased performance. Our team at Patterson Heating & Air Inc can provide professional AC maintenance to help prevent potential issues and keep your system in top condition.

Benefits of regular AC maintenance include:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Extended system lifespan
  • Prevention of costly repairs
  • Enhanced indoor air quality

Don't wait until your AC breaks down to schedule maintenance. Contact us today to schedule your AC maintenance service and keep your system running at its best.

Schedule Your AC Repair Service Today!

If your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be cooling as well, or you hear unusual noises from your system, then a breakdown may be forthcoming. With top quality service and honest pricing, Patterson Heating & Air Inc can tend to any and all of your air conditioner repair needs in Winder or the surrounding area. Let our highly trained technicians repair and maintain your system to keep it running efficiently all season long.

Get your system back up and running fast by scheduling high-quality air conditioner repair in Gwinnett, Barrow, and their surrounding areas with Patterson Heating & Air Inc. Call (770) 343-5256 or submit a contact form online to schedule your appointment today!

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