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No matter how much careful maintenance we provide for our cars, laptops, phones, and other essential tools in our lives, they eventually wear down and need to be replaced. This fact of life applies to heaters as well, even if they are made from the strongest, toughest parts. Continual use over the years, even after repairs, will gradually bring your heater to the point that it must be replaced by a new heater so that you and your household can stay sufficiently warm and comfortable during the chilly winter mornings and cool autumn evenings.

Fortunately, when it comes to superior Winder heating replacement, our technicians have all the skills necessary to install a powerful new heater in your home. If you live in Winder or throughout Gwinnett County, our team at Patterson Heating & Air Inc can also get you set up with a top-quality heater that you can count on, no matter how cold it gets.

Contact us now at (770) 343-5256 so that you can rest easy knowing that your heater is in capable hands. 

How Do You Know if You Need to Replace Your Heater?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether a new heater is in order, or if you can get by with a few minor repairs. This is why it is important to look comprehensively at the warning signals, so that you can get a professional replacement before things go awry.

Some of the tell-tale signs you need a replacement heater include:

  • Rising costs of energy bills – If you notice that the costs of your energy usage have gradually increased recently, this is a sure sign that your heater is reaching its expiration date. When heaters get too old, their compressors and motors do not function as well, requiring additional electricity to produce the same amount of heat.
  • Uneven heat amongst the rooms of your house – When rooms are unevenly heated, this is a clear indication that your heater is malfunctioning. It is time to get a replacement before they stop working altogether.
  • The equipment is getting old – Even if your heater hasn’t begun to malfunction a lot, there are more chances of it breaking down when it gets older. A ten-year-old heater could potentially stop at any moment, even if it has not shown any previous signs. Getting a replacement before this happens is a good way to save money and a lot of trouble.

Better Health with Proper Heater Replacement

While having reliable heating is of course an important benefit of a powerful new heater, it is also beneficial for your health as well. Old, malfunctioning heaters allow more dust to circulate, and they do not properly deal with humidity. This allows mold and mildew to grow, which negatively impacts your lungs. Reach out to our team at Patterson Heating & Air so that we can ensure your whole household can breathe properly as well as stay warm during the winter.

Affordable Installations

One of the best reasons for contacting our crew at Patterson Heating & Air Inc is that we offer completely free estimates for new heater installations. We can help you determine whether heating repair or replacement is a better option, as well as choose an option that fits in with your budget.

Call us today at (770) 343-5256 or contact us online so that you can get a powerful heating replacement to keep your home heated, no matter what the weather is like outside.

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